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June 1943 

The May Bulletin resulted in many replies from Old Boys both in 
Canada and Overseas, which encourages us to hammer out another 
before the holidays. The School is grateful to all those who have 
sent information about themselves, their relatives, and their 
friends. As we seem to repeat in each issue, such information 
serves a threefold purpose - it goes into the Old Boys' Notes in 
this Bulletin, it is handed on to Mr. Young to appear in the 
next issue of the School Magazine, and it goes into the 
records being gradually compiled for a War Book to be published 
when the war is over. 

It should be pointed out that the Old Boys' Notes as a 
rule contain items which have come to hand since the publication 
of the previous Bulletin - there is insufficient space to mention 
every Old Boy on Active Service in each issue, as the list of 
names alone would take three pages. 

We regret to record the reported death of F/O Peter G. Holt, 
R.C.A.F., in air operations overseas. He was reported missing on 
his 20th birthday. 


Lt . Col. L.P.P. Payan has been made an officer of the O.B.E 

Major C. M. Drury has been made a member of the O.B.E Capt . 

Campbell Stuart, 1st Bn . Black Watch, has been married in 
England, his brother Okill being best man. . . Lt . Oggie Glass, who 
had been instructing at HMCS King's, is now at sea. . . . John 
Flinfoft is now an LAC at No. 11 EFTS, Cap de la Madeleine, 

Que Lt . Harry Trenholme, RCNVR, has returned to England from 

North Africa. . . . Lt . Norman Macfarlane is with the Canadian 
Artillery in England. . . . John Blacklock is in the RCAF . . . . Lt . 
Col. T. P. Doucet is now overseas in command of the Perth Reg ' t 
of Ontario. . . . John Penny's address is c/o HMCS Kitchener, GPO, 
London. . . Lt . John Taylor is on a course at HMCS Cornwallis, 

Deepbrook N.S Lt . David Gass is overseas with the 8th 

Princess Louise (N.B.) Hussars, 5th Can. Arm. Reg't... P/0 
Michael Doyle is with the 130 Squadron, Bagotville, Que. . . . F/Sgt 
J. W. (Happy) Moreland is attached to the RAF in Ceylon. . . F/O 
Bill Anglin is at No. 1 SETS, Camp Borden. . . Midshipman Kline 
Macdonald is at HMCS Dorval , Montreal. . . . Leigh Ronalds is an LAC 
at Goderich. . . . F/O George Winters is Operations Officer, RAF 
Transport Command, Elizabeth City, N.C. . . . o/s Bill Rowe visited 

the School recently A letter from Sqn.Ldr. J. G. Neill, 

Equipment Officer in the RCAF and at present in Newfoundland, 
contains many items about Old Boys "Pinky" McMaster is a Lt . 
Comdr, RON Pay Corps; L.C. Monk is a Capt. in the Algonquin 
Reg't; Doug Lunan is a Flt/Lt. RCAF, now stationed in Gaspe; Don 
Grant is a Sqn. Ldr ; Curly Grant a Lt . RCNVR; - this is the sort 
of letter that makes Bulletin editing easy. . . P/0 H. Frank (Pat) 
Packard's picture was in the paper a few weeks ago - he gained 
his commission overseas and has joined the ranks of the 
Caterpillar Club. . . .2nd Lt . Ned Fisher is now at Camp Borden and 
2nd Lt . Bryan Lynn now at Farnham. . . That's about all the items 
to hand at the moment, but we might add that Leslie Davis and 
Stocky Day who left School last June and have since been at 
Bishop's University, have joined the RCNVR and Dickie McMaster, 
who has been with them, has joined the RCAF. Three Old Boys of 
four days' standing, this year's prefects Trevor Evans, Frank 
Morkill and Ted Sheppard, have also enlisted in the RCNVR. 


The year is over end at the moment of writing the Vlth and Vllth 
Forms are wrestling with McGill's embarrassing questions on the 

second storey work of a guy known to his intimates as Macbeth, and/or 
the identity of Wordsworth's Lucy, about whose antecedents, if any, 
examiners always seem to be unduly suspicious. The School, then, is 
quiet, and if we took the trouble to look we would probably find the 
Acting Headmaster, Mr. Pattison, in his office gloating over the 
entry forms for next year, which seem to be coming in most satis- 
factorily. Mr. Patriquin is labouring in a most ambitious vegetable 
garden near Williams House, and he is aided and abetted by his two 
sons Donald and David, both mechanised, the first on a tricycle, the 
second in a perambulator, G.S. Mark IV. Mr. Young, having predicted 
infallibly what was going to be on the Spanish paper the other day, 
has torn himself away from his garden to do the same by tomorrow's 
French exam. Mr. Moffat has left his two lively daughters to look 
after Chapman House while he pumps some more Algebra into Vth Formers 
who are taking a crack at that Matric paper. Mr. Hall is around - 
he has been appointed a corresponding secretary of the Old Boys ' 
Association, so if there is anything you want to know about the Ass'n 
drop him a line in care of the School. He is shortly proceeding to 
"an Eastern Canadian port" to support his elder brother George, about 
to enter the matrimonial stakes. Miss Molony, who never fails to come 
to our aid with home addresses and initials of Old Boys when we are 
wrestling with our still incomplete mailing list, is in the Office 
waiting to proof-read this. . . . 

Colonel Grier, Director of Royal Army Cadets, inspected the 
Corps on May 26th. As it was raining the Inspection took place in the 
35th Bty. Armoury in Sherbrooke . In spite of this change of terrain 
the Cadet Corps put on an excellent show. Cadet Major Sheppard won 
the cup for best Officer, Corporal Finley the cup for best NCO, R.W. 
Stevenson the cup for the best Cadet John Tyler the cup for best 
recruit, and Band Sgt . Davis a special award for efficiency. Colonel 
Grier and his family, by the way, have taken a cottage near Ottawa 
for the summer . 

In a track meet held in Sherbrooke for Eastern Township 
Schools on May 29th, the BCS team coached by Dr. Roebuck romped home 
with 86 points to Stanstead's 56 in second place. 

The First Cricket Team, of which Horniman was Captain, 
beat LCC in Montreal on June 4th, the score being 107-22, Jim Sewell 
starring with second to highest score of 2 and taking 4 wickets 
for runs. Next day on the same field BCS gained a surprise win over 
Ashbury; we made 75 to their 4 9 in the first innings, and 94 in the 
second, leaving Ashbury with 121 to make to win, which they failed 
to do. In this game Sheppard took 7 wickets for 10 runs. 

In the track and field events at the end of the term two 
new records were set up, one by Sheppard who threw the cricket ball 
17 feet 9M inches, and the other by Hancock, who lowered the 
Intermediate Half Mile Record by 1/lOth of a second. Sheppard took 
the School All -Round Championship for the second year in succession. 
Lorimer ran him a close second, and Bono Pitfield was well up in the 
running until he broke a knee-cap. 

The prizes were presented on June 10th by Mr. G. M. (Mac) 
Stearns, B.C.S. 1917-19, one of the Directors, with Dr. A. H. 
McGreer, Principal of Bishop's College and a Director of the School, 
in the chair. 

So there goes another - and a darn good - year at BCS, 
and there go some 35 more BCS boys to the Navy, Army and Air Force. 
Good luck to those new Old Boys, and to the old Old Boys, till we 
write again next term.